If you believe that a bank has broken one or more of the promises in the Code, we encourage you to report the issue to us.

The Committee collects information about potential Code breaches to improve banks’ practices – not to get a specific outcome for an individual customer. For example, if you want compensation, an apology, or for your problem to be fixed – you should instead make a complaint to your bank or the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

As part of our role making sure banks follow the Code, we may decide to investigate specific concerns. For more information about how we use the information you share with us please visit ‘When a bank breaches the Code’.

Communicating with us – understanding the options

We are committed to being accessible to everyone and recognise people have different needs. We have arrangements in place to help – we will work with you to make sure we adapt, where possible, to meet your needs.

If English is not your first language (including Auslan), we can arrange a free translator to assist you in communications with us. To access this, call the interpreter service on 131 450.

Alternatively, call us on 1800 931 678.  This is a telephone service provided by AFCA – please ask to speak to the Code Compliance and Monitoring team.

You can also:

  • nominate email as your preferred method of communicating with us
  • notify us of the best contact times to call you, within business hours.