Message from the Chair

The Banking Code Compliance Committee’s (BCCC) Strategic Plan outlines the areas we will focus on to achieve our purpose for the period 2021–22 to 2023–24, including taking action to:

  • improve the visibility of the BCCC
  • enhance our intelligence sources and identify important issues
  • expand our engagement with consumer stakeholders
  • hold banks to account and apply sanctions for breaches of the Code, and
  • follow up our monitoring activities and seek to ensure banks remediate
    customers and improve practices.

In developing the Plan, the BCCC has considered its ongoing and long-term strategic objectives and will continue to focus on monitoring banks’ compliance with the Code and working with stakeholders to achieve its aim to improve banks’ standards of service and outcomes for customers.

To ensure we focus on the most important issues, the BCCC will review the Strategic Plan every 12 months and develop annual Business Plans which will provide further information about our priority areas. We will be especially mindful of the ongoing challenges for individual and small business customers, and the banking industry, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic when planning and conducting our program of work.

Ian Govey AM
Independent Chairperson
Banking Code Compliance Committee

Download the full 2021-24 Strategic Plan for further information.