The Banking Code Compliance Committee (BCCC) commenced on 1 July 2019 with the primary purpose of monitoring banks’ compliance with the 2019 Banking Code of Practice.

An important part of the BCCC’s role is to ensure that banks uphold the promises they make to their small business and agribusiness customers.

To assist it fulfill its role, the BCCC will establish an expert panel to provide it with advice and guidance on small business and agribusiness banking matters.

Purpose of the Panel

The Panel members will provide the BCCC with expert insight and advice on small business and agribusiness matters, specifically matters related to:

  • the experiences and needs of small business and/or agribusiness customers when engaging with banks
  • the effect of banks’ policies, procedures and processes on small business and/or agribusiness customers, and
  • the impact of regulatory, legislative and any other changes on:
    • the small business and/or agribusiness community or
    • banks’ policies, procedures and processes as they relate to small business and/or agribusiness banking.

The Panel members will also be asked to provide advice and assistance on the BCCC’s work as it relates to small business and/or agribusiness customers and their banking. This work may include:

  • compliance inquiries
  • compliance investigations
  • strategic planning
  • stakeholder engagement, and
  • other needs that arise from time to time.

More information about the Panel and the role of Panel members is set out in the accompanying Terms of Reference.

Request for expressions of interest and applications

The BCCC seeks expressions of interest from parties interested in being a member of the BCCC’s Small Business and Agribusiness Advisory Panel. Please note that the BCCC does not expect individual Panel members to necessarily be experts in both small business and agribusiness. Rather, it anticipates that some Panel members will be expert in agribusiness while others will be experts in small business more generally across the business sector.

If you or a person you recommend would like to apply to become a Panel member, applications should be submitted by email to the BCCC’s Chief Executive Officer, Sally Davis at [email protected] by Friday, 23 August 2019.

Applications should be addressed to me as the Independent Chairperson of the BCCC and should include a Curriculum Vitae covering:

  • professional background
  • expertise in small business and/or agribusiness matters
  • skills and experience, and
  • reason for applying for the position.


The BCCC will consider applications in a timely manner with a view to appointing successful parties as soon as possible. An indicative timeline is set out below.

By 30 August 2019 BCCC consideration of applications received
September 2019 Meetings with potential candidates
Post meetings with candidates Appointment of Panel members


If you have any questions about the role or would like further information about the Panel, please contact the BCCC’s Chief Executive Officer, Sally Davis on (03) 9613 7341 or by email [email protected].


Christopher M Doogan AM FIML FAICD

Independent Chair