Recommendations dashboard

We are progressing implementation of recommendations from the Independent Review of the BCCC. The initial focus is on the ten recommendations which are solely within our remit.

Our projects focus on improving the timeliness of reports, avoiding duplication with ASIC and AFCA, and improving our data collection process and analytics capabilities.

We have three themes to guide our implementation:

  • Accountability and transparency – recommendations 3,7,12 & 14
  • Engagement and information sharing – recommendations 2,4, 8,10 &11
  • Strengthening capabilities and resources – recommendation 19

The remaining nine recommendations include proposals to change the Banking Code of Practice and/or the BCCC Charter, and require approval by the ABA.  The ABA has responded to the review in October 2022, accepting 8 of these 9 recommendations.  The BCCC welcomes the ABA’s response, and will continue engaging with the ABA, to support implementation of changes to the BCCC Charter and these recommendations.

This dashboard provides a summary of work being undertaken by the BCCC to implement recommendations of the review.

For more information on the BCCC Review, visit the Response to the Final Report of the Independent Review of the Banking Code Compliance Committee – The Banking Code Compliance Committee